[ANN]: 'mkproject', Rapid Project Templating Tool, Version 1.100 Released

Tim Daneliuk tundra at tundraware.com
Sat Jun 2 00:54:53 CEST 2012

'mkproject' Version 1.100 is now released and available for download at:


This is the first public release.

What Is 'mkproject'?

'mkproject' is a way to quickly produce the code and documentation
skeletons for a new project and to put these under 'CVS' version
control.  It allows you to "brand" them with your own company and
copyright information, as well specifying a standard license and
pricing (if any).

The package comes with example templates for 'perl', 'python', and
'shell scripts'.  These contain some of the standard code you may want
to use with every project.

Also included is an example standard for writing documentation using
the 'Restructured Text' markdown language.  Documentation is
automatically produced in a wide variety of formats including 'html',
'PostScript', 'pdf', 'man', and plain text.

Finally, a 'makefile' is included to produce documentation and release
packaging for your project.

The package comes with a default 'Makefile' that is useful when
creating a 'FreeBSD' port of your project.

Because everything is template-driven, it is simple to customize the
"standard" program and documentation templates to suit your needs.  It
is also quite straightforward to add support for additional languages.

Complete details of all fixes, changes, and new features can be found in
the WHATSNEW.txt and documentation files included in the distribution.

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