detox-0.9: speeding up tox/test runs with NUM(CORES)

holger krekel holger at
Wed Jun 13 16:26:07 CEST 2012

Morning all,

be the goats with you.

I've finally released detox-0.9 to PYPI which brings parallelizing
tox/test runs to your console, driving the test runner of your choice.
detox has the same options and invocation as the good old
one-step-after-the-other tox, the virtualenv-based generic test runner

install detox (and get tox installed for free!) with:

    pip install detox

and run it on a project which already has a tox.ini 
with some environments:

    detox -e py26,py27,pypy

to have all happen in parallel (packaging, virtualenv-creation,
installation of deps, running of tests).

Be the first to report issues to:


P.S.: due to the recent refactoring of tox and due to the superiority
of greenlet-based programming models, detox is only 175 lines of 
somewhat easy to read code :)

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