PyCon Australia 2012 Conference Programme Revealed!

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at
Fri Jun 15 03:21:11 CEST 2012

(Hobart Tasmania, 15 June 2012) With both of our keynotes announced, PyCon
Australia is very proud to be able to reveal the programme for the 2012
conference, to be held on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August 2012 in Hobart,

Following an impressive response to our Call for Proposals the conference
will feature three full tracks of presentations and tutorials, across two
days, covering all aspects of the Python ecosystem, presented by experts
and core developers of key Python technology.

Our keynote presenters, Mark Ramm, Engineering Manager on Juju at Canonical
[1], and Kenneth Reitz, Python lead at Heroku [2] will be joined by a wide
array of presenters covering a broad range of backgrounds, including
industry, research, government and academia.

As ever, PyCon Australia is a great place to keep up-to-date with the
latest trends in Python web technology: From Heroku, Lincoln Stoll will be
presenting on the 12 Factor Method for building software-as-a-service apps
[3]. Other web related topics include deployment and testing techniques for
Django applications and techniques for asynchronous web programming.

There's also a wide range of talks for the rapidly growing community of
developers using Python in science. Edward Schofield's survey of the latest
developments in Python for Science and Engineering [4] will get you up to
scratch on what tools and techniques are shaping the Python world for
scientists. From there, case studies and introductory talks will delve into
all aspects of Python in science: including techniques for handling large
scientific data sets, natural language processing, and data visualisation
-- attendees working with Python in all fields of science will gain
something from PyCon Australia 2012.

Finally, for newcomers to Python looking to quickly enhance their Python
skillset, Graeme Cross' tutorials [5] in our Classroom stream will help you
to rapidly enhance your knowledge of Python -- you can then attend our
general stream talks to glean a snapshot of the state of the art in Python.

PyCon Australia 2012 programme committee chair, Richard Jones, was
impressed with the level of response to the Call for Proposals, which
closed in early May: "We had an unprecedented response to our Call for
Proposals this year, and this has helped us to put together one of the
strongest programmes ever at PyCon Australia. There's something for every
developer working with Python in this year's programme -- be they working
in web technology, in research, or even if they're just a Python enthusiast
who wants to learn more about their favourite language."

The full schedule for PyCon Australia 2012 can be found at

Registrations for PyCon Australia 2012 are now open, with prices starting
at AU$44 for students, and tickets for the general public starting at
AU$198. All prices include GST, and more information can be found at

We're looking forward to seeing this excellent programme brought to life at
PyCon Australia 2012, in Hobart, in August.


=== About PyCon Australia ===

PyCon Australia is the national conference for the Python Programming
Community. The third PyCon Australia will be held on August 18 and 19, 2012
in Hobart, Tasmania, bringing together professional, student and enthusiast
developers with a love for developing with Python. PyCon Australia informs
the country’s Python developers with presentations, tutorials and panel
sessions by experts and core developers of Python, as well as the libraries
and frameworks that they rely on.

To find out more about PyCon Australia 2012, visit our website at or e-mail us at contact at

PyCon Australia is presented by Linux Australia ( and
acknowledges the support of our Gold sponsors: Google Australia (, and the Australian Computer Society (Tasmanian Branch) (; our Event partners: Kogan, and Secret Lab; and our Silver
sponsors: the Python Software Foundation, the Django Software Foundation,
Anchor Systems, 99designs, Red Hat, ekit, RimuHosting, and CSIRO.

--Christopher Neugebauer
Conference Coordinator and Sponsor Liaison

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