execnet-1.1: cross-interpreter distributed execution library

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Wed Jun 20 22:08:09 CEST 2012

execnet-1.1 is a backward compatible beta release of the popular
(>53000 pypi downloads of 1.0.9) cross-interpreter execution library.
If you are in need of connecting Python2 and Python3 and/or want
to throw PyPy in your deployment mix, then you might want to join 
Quora and many others and try out execnet.

execnet provides a share-nothing model with channel-send/receive
communication and distributed execution across many Python interpreters
across version, platform and network barriers.

See below for changes and see here for extensive documentation
and tested examples:


Particular thanks to Ronny Pfannschmidt for a lot of internal cleanups
and to Alex Gaynor for providing feature patches.

Have fun,

1.1 (compared to 1.0.9)

- introduce execnet.dumps/loads providing serialization between
  python interpreters, see http://codespeak.net/execnet/basics.html#dumps-loads

- group.remote_exec now supports kwargs as well

- support per channel string coercion configuration, helping with
  dealing with mixed Python2/Python3 environments.

- Popen2IO.read now reads correct amounts of bytes from nonblocking fd's

- added a ``dont_write_bytecode`` option to Popen gateways, this sets the
  ``sys.dont_write_bytecode`` flag on the spawned process, this only works on
  CPython 2.6 and higher.  Thanks to Alex Gaynor.

- added a pytest --broken-isp option to skip tests that assume
  DNS queries for unknown hosts actually are resolved as such (Thanks
  Alex Gaynor)

- fix issue 1 - decouple string coercion of channels and gateway

- fix issue #2 - properly reconfigure the channels string coercion for rsync,
  so it can send from python2 to python3

- refactor socketserver, so it can be directly remote_exec'd for starting a socket gateway on a remote

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