new release 0.38 of OpenOpt, FuncDesigner, SpaceFuncs, DerApproximator

dmitrey dmitrey15 at
Thu Mar 15 11:44:43 CET 2012

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.38 (2012-March-15):


    interalg can handle discrete variables
    interalg can handle multiobjective problems (MOP)
    interalg can handle problems with parameters fixedVars/freeVars
    Many interalg improvements and some bugfixes
    Add another EIG solver: numpy.linalg.eig
    New LLSP solver pymls with box bounds handling


    Some improvements for sum()
    Add funcs tanh, arctanh, arcsinh, arccosh
    Can solve EIG built from derivatives of several functions,
obtained by automatic differentiation by FuncDesigner


    Add method point.symmetry(Point|Line|Plane)
    Add method LineSegment.middle
    Add method Point.rotate(Center, angle)


    Minor changes

See for more details

Regards, D.

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