pyPEG 2 for Python 3.x

Volker Birk bumens at
Mon May 21 21:11:59 CEST 2012

Python is a nice scripting language. It even gives you access to its own
parser and compiler. It also gives you access to different other parsers
for special purposes like XML and string templates.

But sometimes you may want to have your own parser. This is what's pyPEG
for. And pyPEG supports Unicode.

pyPEG is a plain and simple intrinsic parser interpreter framework for
Python version 3.x. It is based on Parsing Expression Grammar, PEG.

An intrinsic parser parses directly out of and into the type and object
system of the programming language, here Python 3.x.

You can download pyPEG 2 via PyPI or following this link:


pyPEG's Documentation you can find here: <>
pyPEG has a Bitbucket repository at <>

pyPEG is under the GNU General Public Licence version 2.

Volker Birk, author

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