[ANN] Automated Testing on Mac (ATOMac) 1.0.0 released

James Tatum jtatum at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 21:20:27 CEST 2012


The ATOMac team is proud to announce a new release of ATOMac.

About ATOMac:

Short for Automated Testing on Mac, ATOMac is the first Python library
to fully enable GUI testing of Macintosh applications via the Apple
Accessibility API. Existing tools such as using appscript to send
messages to accessibility objects are painful to write and slow to
use. ATOMac has direct access to the API. It's fast and easy to use to
write GUI tests.

Changes in this release:

* LDTP compatibility added. LDTP allows testers to write a single
script that will automate test cases on Linux, Windows, and now Mac OS
X. Information and documentation on LDTP can be found at the LDTP home
* Detailed documentation - Sphinx has been configured to generate
documentation for ATOMac. When this documentation is uploaded, it will
be linked from the home page[1].
* Various fixes to reading and writing certain accessibility attributes.
* Sending function keys and newlines now works as intended.

A detailed changelog is available[2].

Download source:


Documentation references:

Sphinx documentation is being uploaded. In the meantime, please see
the readme at the bottom of the github page listed above.

Report bugs - https://github.com/pyatom/pyatom/issues

To subscribe to ATOMac mailing lists, visit http://lists.pyatom.com/

IRC Channel - #atomac on irc.freenode.net

[0] http://ldtp.freedesktop.org
[1] http://pyatom.com/
[2] https://raw.github.com/pyatom/pyatom/master/CHANGELOG.txt

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