devpi-1.0: PyPI server and packaging/testing/release tool

holger krekel holger at
Thu Aug 15 16:18:19 CEST 2013

devpi-1.0: PyPI server and packaging/testing/release tool

devpi-1.0 brings an improved PyPI caching and internal 
index server as well as a new abilities for tox-testing and 
staging your Python release packages.  For a (long) list
of changes, see the below CHANGELOG. 

Documentation got revamped and extended and now contains three quickstart 
scenarios. First the Quickstart tutorial for pypi-mirroring on your laptop::

And if you want to manage your releases or implement staging
as an individual or within an organisation::

If you want to permanently install devpi-server and potentially
access it from many clients::

More documentation and the beginning of an exhaustive user manual::

Note that devpi-1.0 is not data-compatible to the previous 0.9.4 release:
You need to start with a fresh devpi-1.0 installation and upload
your packages again.  Future releases of devpi should
support data migration more directly.  

best and have fun,

holger krekel

Changelog 1.0 (-0.9.4)


- rename "--datadir" to "--serverdir" to better match
  the also picked up DEVPI_SERVERDIR environment variable.

- fix a strange effect in that sometimes tools ask to receive
  a package url with a "#md5=..." arriving at the server side.
  We now strip that part out before trying to serve the file.

- on startup don't create any initial indexes other 
  than the "root/pypi" pypi caching mirror.

- introduce ``--start``, ``--stop`` and ``--log`` commands for
  controling a background devpi-server run. (these commands
  previously were implemented with the devpi-client and the "server"
  sub command)

- fix issue27: provide full list of pypi names in root/pypi's simple
  view (and simple pages from inheriting indices)

- default to "eventlet" server when creating deployment with --gendeploy

- fix issue25: return 403 Forbidden when trying to delete the root user.

- fix name mangling issue for pypi-cache: "project_name*" is now matched
  correctly when a lookup for "project-name" happens.

- fix issue22: don't bypass CDN by default, rather provide an
  "--bypass-cdn" option to do it (in case you have cache-invalidation troubles)

- fix issue20 and fix issue23: normalize index specs internally ("/root/dev" ->
  "root/dev") and check if base indices exist.

- add Jenkins build job triggering for running the tests for a package
  through tox.

- inheritance cleanup: inherited versions for a project are now shadowed
  and not shown anymore with getreleaselinks() or in +simple pages
  if the "basename" is exactly shadowed.

- fix issue16: enrich projectconfig json with a "+shadow" file which
  lists shadowed "versions"

- initial wheel support: accept "whl" uploads and support caching 
  of whl files from

- implemented internal push operation between devpi indexes

- show "docs" link if documentation has been uploaded

- pushing releases to will now correctly 
  report the filetype/pyversion in the metadata.

- add setting of acl_upload for indexes.   Only the owning
  user and acl_upload users may upload releases, files 
  or documentation to an index.

- add --passwd USER option for setting a user's password server-side

- don't require email setting for creating users


- removed ``server`` subcommand and options for controling background devpi-server
  processes to become options of ``devpi-server`` itself.

- fix issue14: lookup "python" from PATH for upload/packaging activities instead of
  using "sys.executable" which comes from the interpreter executing the "devpi" script.
  This allows to alias "devpi" to come from a virtualenv which is separate from
  the one used to perform packaging.

- fix issue35: "devpi index" cleanly errors out if no index is
  specified or in use.

- remember authentication on a per-root basis and cleanup "devpi use"
  interactions.  This makes switching between multiple devpi instances
  more seemless.

- fix issue17: better reporting when "devpi use" does not operate on valid URL

- test result upload and access: 
  - "devpi test" invokes "tox --result-json ..." and uploads 
    the test result log to devpi-server.  
  - "devpi list [-f] PKG" shows test result information.

- add "uploadtrigger_jenkins" configuration option through "devpi

- fix issue19: devpi use now memorizes --venv setting properly. Thanks Laurent.

- fix issue16: show files from shadowed versions 

- initial wheel support: "devpi upload --format=bdist_wheel" now uploads
  a wheel format file to the index.  (XXX "devpi install" will trigger
  pip commands with option "--use-wheels".)

- fix issue15: docs will now be built via " build_sphinx" 
  using a internal build dir so that the upload succeeds if
  would otherwise specify a non-standard location.

- implement and refine "devpi push" command.  It now accepts
  two forms "user/name" for specifying an internal devpi index
  and "pypi:REPONAME" for specifying a repository which must be
  defined in a .pypirc file.
- remove spurious pdb.set_trace() in devpi install command when
  no pip can be found.

- show and allow to set "acl_upload" for uploading priviliges

- add longer descriptions to each sub command, shown with
  "devpi COMMAND -h".

- removed pytestplugin support for now (pytest reporting directly to

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