Plotly Beta: Python plotting online and interactive IPython graphs

Matt Sundquist matt at
Tue Dec 3 20:54:45 CET 2013

Dear Python friends,

Happy Tuesday!

Plotly <>--a collaborative graphing and analytics
project--recently launched a beta and we would love to hear your thoughts,
suggestions, and feedback.

Basic idea:

   - Import, upload, paste, and stream data into Plotly online
   - Analyze data with a grid and Python sandbox (NumPy supported).
   - Our Python API <> lets you plot with code
   and the GUI, making publication-quality, interactive, shareable graphs in
   the browser.
   - You alone or you and your team can collaborate, share, edit, and
   comment on your online plots.
   - You can also embed graphs and data together in an iframe (Washington
   Post example<>

We also really, really like IPython. Interactive Plotly graphs in Notebooks:

   - Bubble Charts and Hover
   - Pandas & Plotly<>
   - Multiple axes, subplots, and
   - NumPy and datetime <>

Documentation for the Python API is here <>, and
the Notebooks and API are also on our GitHub <>.

We would love and appreciate your expert feedback and opinions. Advice,
suggestions, and support go a long way and are much appreciated. And please
be forgiving (and let us know) if you encounter bugs or imperfections.
We're still figuring some things out.

All my best,
Matt   Plotly Twitter <>   Plotly
Facebook <>

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