Wing IDE 5.0.1 released

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Tue Dec 10 20:12:14 CET 2013


Wingware has released version 5.0.1 of Wing IDE, our integrated development
environment designed specifically for the Python programming language.

Wing IDE includes a professional quality code editor with vi, emacs, and 
key bindings, auto-completion, call tips, refactoring, context-aware 
a powerful graphical debugger, version control, unit testing, search, 
and many
other features.  For details see

Changes in this minor release include:

* Support for Python 3.4beta1+
* Fix file type registration on OS X
* Fix potential segfault after using tab to move from field to field
* Fix creating and renaming snippets and snippets tool drop down menu
* Fix exception when closing windows and failure to quit on win32
* Optimize message tool, which could substantially slow down the IDE
* Fix problems setting custom colors via the Editor -> Syntax Coloring 
* Updates and corrections in French localization (thanks to Jean Sanchez)
* Fix intermittant failure to include all selected files in a version 
control operation
* Fix switching to alphabetizing file tabs and keeping active tab 
visible when there are 2+ splits
* 21 other bug fixes

For details see

New features in Wing 5 include:

* Now runs native on OS X
* Draggable tools and editors
* Configurable toolbar and editor & project context menus
* Optionally opens a different sets of files in each editor split
* Lockable editor splits
* Optional Python Turbo completion (context-appropriate completion on 
all non-symbol keys)
* Sharable color palettes and syntax highlighting configurations
* Auto-editing is on by default (except some operations that have a 
learning curve)
* Named file sets
* Sharable launch configurations
* Asynchronous I/O in Debug Probe and Python Shell
* Expanded and rewritten tutorial
* Support for Python 3.4

For more information on what's new in Wing 5, see

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