ANN: Lea 1.2 (discrete probability distributions)

pie.denis at pie.denis at
Fri Dec 13 12:31:28 CET 2013

I have the pleasure to announce the release of Lea 1.2. 

Lea is a Python package aiming at working with discrete probability 
distributions in an intuitive way. 

It allows modelling a broad range of random discrete phenomenons. Then, it 
allows calculating probabilities of events, whether atomic, aggregated or 
combined through given operations. A typical example is the probabilities of 
the sum of N dice having known, possibly unfair, probability distributions. 


Here are the main features of Lea: 

- models finite discrete probability distributions 
- standard distribution indicators (mean, standard deviation,.) 
- arithmetic and logical operators on probability distribution 
- cartesian products, conditional probabilities, joint distributions 
- generation of random samples 
- open-source project, LGPL license 
- pure Python module, lightweight - no package dependency 
- probabilities stored as integers (no floating-point biases) 


Download (PyPi): 
Project page: 

(with wiki documentation including tutorials, examples and API) 

Hoping this could be helpful in this uncertain universe... 

Pierre Denis 

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