ANN: Gruvi 0.9.1

Geert Jansen geertj at
Sat Dec 21 22:54:50 CET 2013

Gruvi is a new I/O library for Python. It uses pyuv and coroutines based on python-fibers to provide a synchronous programming model for evented IO.

Gruvi is similar in objective to gevent and asyncio but it has its own unique design.

Some cool features:

 * Uses a transport/protocol API (no monkey patching).
 * Comes with an SSL transport that should scale on all platforms including Windows.
 * Comes with high-performance HTTP client and server implementations (based on the Node.js http-parser), a D-BUS client, and a JSON-RPC client and server.
 * Use regular Python function call syntax to call potentially blocking functions. When a function blocks, the current fiber is suspended until the operation completes.
 * Has a concurrent.futures like fiber and thread pool.
 * Comes with thread-safe synchronization primitives.

Project page (redirects to PyPI page):

Source code:

Feedback is appreciated on geertj at

Geert Jansen

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