ANN: rom 0.16 - Redis object mapper for Python

Josiah Carlson josiah.carlson at
Fri Jul 19 07:58:05 CEST 2013

Hey everyone,

As time progresses, so does my Redis object mapper.

The "rom" package is a Redis object mapper for Python. It sports an
interface similar to Django's ORM, SQLAlchemy + Elixir, or Appengine's

The changelog for recent releases can be seen below my signature.

You can find the package at:

Please CC me on any replies if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,
 - Josiah

#----------------------------------- 0.16
[added] Thanks to a feature request from ,
    column support is now available.
[added] DateTime, Date, and Time column types because I was already adding
    Boolean columns.
#----------------------------------- 0.15
[fixed] Thanks to who fixed Json columns so
    they round-trip after multiple saves.
#----------------------------------- 0.14
[fixed] Thanks to the manifest is fixed for the
    source installation.
#----------------------------------- 0.13
[fixed] updating a model will no longer unindex the model on attributes that
    weren't updated. Thanks to for the bug
    analysis, and initial pull request that ultimately resulted in the fix.
[fixed] pip requires, versioning, etc., thanks to fixes from
[changed] Model.get_by() will now work on any type of indexed columns.
    columns work as before, and other columns get pass-through to the
    Model.query interface.
[changed] Model.get_by() and Model.query.filter() will both accept single
    numbers as the value to match on (you don't need to specify a range if
    are querying by equality).
[changed] all changes will be documented in this changelog.txt file to keep
    list of everything that is going on with the project.

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