PSF Python Brochure available as PDF preview. Last chance to order your ad!

PSF Python Brochure Project Team brochure at
Fri Mar 15 18:57:01 CET 2013

The first full format pre-production issues were shown at several
Python conferences throughout the last year and caused a lot of
excitement among the attendees.

The PSF Python Brochure Project has now finished getting all approvals
from the content providers, so we can finally publish a PDF preview of
the finished brochure for the whole Python community to see.

Please visit our website for more information about the brochure

This newsletter is also available for online reading:

             Finally: After two years in the making,
       the Python brochure is now available as PDF preview!

    Please download the PDF preview of the Python brochure and
                         have a look:


This is your last chance to place your ad in the brochure

Your will benefit from reaching out to a fantastic audience, including
Python developers, Python users and many people from around the world,
who don't yet realize what they are missing. This is your chance as a
company to be one of the first to get your name out to these new high
potential future Python users.

You can present your products and consulting services, or show case
your company for recruiting purposes. With over 10,000 printed copies
distributed world-wide this is an excellent way to reach out to new
customers and developers.

As additional benefit, you will also receive a box with high quality
printed brochures to directly present to your customers or use for

Don't miss the opportunity to place your ad in this very first Python
image brochure.

* Ads

The brochure will have an addendum with 2 double pages for ads. You
can buy a half page or a full page ad.

After production, you will receive a box of around 120 free copies of
the printed brochure.

We have already sold 6 ads. There is still room for up to 2 half page ads.

* Reference Entry

For Python service and consulting companies, we have added a more
affordable option in form of a reference listing with fixed layout on
the last two pages of the Python Brochure.

Each entry will have a full color logo, space for a one line
description of the service and contact details. There is room for
30-40 entries.

We have already sold 5 reference entries. There is still room for up
to 25-35 reference entries.

* Pricing

 * A half page ad costs EUR 2,650.00 (+ 19% German VAT, if applicable)

 * A full page ad costs EUR 5,300.00 (+ 19% German VAT, if applicable)

 * A reference entry can be purchased for EUR 500.00 (+ 19% German
   VAT, if applicable)

* Ad Placement

We follow "first pay, first serve" until all ad slots are
booked. Subsequent orders will be placed on a waiting list for the
next edition.

Individual ad placement is not possible.

Deadline for Data & Approval

The deadline for data delivery is April 30 2013.

You will receive a professional software proof PDF of your page prior
to printing with 2 days left for approval and final corrections.

For full technical details regarding data submission, formats and
specifications for the ad content, please consult our Ad Guidelines.

Ordering Procedure

For the order you will be redirected to the secure SSL encrypted site
hosted by our production partner evenios publishing. The terms &
conditions and data privacy statement for the order are published on .

Please note that the payment is not processed by the PSF! You will
receive an invoice issued by evenios publishing, the company producing
and distributing the brochure.

Order a half page ad

Order a full page ad

Order a reference entry sponsorship

Marc-Andre Lemburg
PSF Vice Chairman / PSF Python Brochure Team
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