devpi-{server,client}-1.2.1: bug fixes + refinement to test

holger krekel holger at
Mon Nov 18 14:57:41 CET 2013

devpi-1.2.1: bug fixes and improved test command

The devpi-{server,client}-1.2.1 releases bring important
bug fixes and refinements.  See Changelog below.

For getting started with deploying your own pypi server
on a laptop or on  company server and for using the 
"devpi" workflow tool (optional), see:

If you want to upgrade an existing installation, you should 
be able to execute::

    $ pip install -U devpi
    $ devpi-server --upgrade-state [--serverdir YOUR_SERVER_DIR]

Have fun,

holger krekel

Changelog 1.2.1


- fix an import issue for doc files which were wrongly tied to a newer
  version of a base index. now version "auto" detection for storing
  doc files only works within a stage.  Thanks Laurent Brack for bringing
  it up and providing the repo.

- fix issue66: api endpoints now also respect --outside-url setting
  so that you can serve devpi from a subpath.  Thanks for Fabian
  Snovna for reporting and analysis.

- fix issue63: skip egg links that go to a directory (this requires
  doing a SVN checkout which devpi-server does not do).  Thanks
  Ken Jung for analyzing the problem.

- fix issue68: don't derive metadata from filename but instead
  look it up in metadata or submitted form.

- fix cache-invalidation when normalized_project_name != real_name
  (e.g. for Django but also many others). addresses issue59.

- add newline to simple list output for better human readability of the
  page (thanks Brandon Maister)

- make xmlrpc calls to pypi's changelog API use "requests" sessions 
  so that http proxies are respected there as well (fixes issue58).
  thanks to riehlm for identifying the problem and testing the fix.

- internally refactor and consolidate mocking against requests library

- --upgrade-state will upgrade now between major.minor/major.minor+1 changes.


- fix "python -m devpi" invocation. Thanks Sebastian Ralph.

- fix issue66: "devpi use user/index" can now switch between URLs
  if user/index is mounted on a subpath.

- fix issue71: allow pip/setuptools like requirements specs
  with the test subcommand, e.g.  "devpi test 'pkg>=1.0'".
  Thanks Sebastian Rahlf for the PR.

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