ANN: EditXT 1.3.2

Daniel Miller millerdev at
Sat Oct 19 17:19:08 CEST 2013

Introducing EditXT 1.3.2 - a programmer's text editor for Mac OS X

Download it from GitHub:


- Syntax highlighting for Python and JavaScript (more definitions can be added).
- Find/Replace with regular expression support and other conveniences.
- Command bar to execute commands without using the mouse.
- Smart indent/dedent with tabs or spaces.
- Comment/uncomment selection.
- Word wrap.
- Line numbers.
- Cursor position/selection length indicator.
- Unix/Mac/Windows line ending support.
- Document pane with drag/drop support.
- Undo beyond save and beyond auto-reload on external change.
- Persistent projects (cannot save project as file yet).
- Preliminary support for character encodings other than UTF-8.
- Sort lines tool.
- Licensed under GPLv3 (source code available at
- Over 2000 tests (OK, not really a feature)

About this release:

- Use SafeDump to dump editor config files (preparation for v1.4).

1.3.1 changes:

- Fix bug that prevented replace with nothing (empty string).

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