devpi 1.2 releases: many improvements + py33 support

holger krekel holger at
Wed Oct 30 11:21:58 CET 2013

The devpi-{server,client}-1.2 releases bring a lot of refinements
and improvements for serving and interacting with your own pypi indexes:

- devpi-server serves release files from URLs containing a MD5 hash
  allowing safe serving of those files through nginx

- devpi-server's USER/INDEX urls can now be used directly with 
  pip/easy_install without the previously required (and still valid)
  ``+simple/`` suffix.

- ``devpi use --set-cfg`` reads and writes pip/easy_install 
  configuration files, making those installers pick up the in-use
  index seemlessly.  You can even do ``devpi use --always-set-cfg`` to 
  always set those config files when issuing a "devpi use" afterwards.

- ``devpi upload`` got many improvements:

  - versioned files (git and hg) will be exported to a clean directory prior to the build step
  - distutils/ is now only used for building a package
  - documentation upload is tied to a version now
  - you can directly upload distribution files, including wheel files

- both devpi-server and devpi-client are python3.3 compatible now and 
  depend on a new devpi-common package which consolidates various 
  pypi-interaction aspects to avoid code duplication.  Also,
  global http proxy settings are honoured.

If you have an existing devpi-server-1.1 installation serving
your own packages you can install devpi-server>=1.2 and 
migrate the data with::

    devpi-server --upgrade-state [--serverdir your_server_dir]
This upgrades your server state in-place.  Please make sure you
backup your serverdir ahead of doing the upgrade (default location 
is ~/.devpi/server).

WARNING: ``devpi-server --gendeploy`` is deprecated and will be removed 
probably in favor of just generating example config files for 
nginx/supervisor/cron. Also ``devpi install`` is deprecated now 
in favor of using pip/easy_install directly (see also the --set-cfg
and --always-set-cfg options).

For more information please refer to the extensive documentation at:

or check the CHANGELOG below.

have fun,

holger krekel



- serve links to files on simple pages and index root as relative
  paths so that it works more nicely with proxy-pass server setups.
  fixes issue56.

- make devpi-server and devpi-common python3.3 compatible, addresses

- use system http/s proxy settings from devpi-server.  fixes issue58.

- refactor locations to allow nginx serving static files more directly.
  Also updated nginx template accordingly.

- rework "--upgrade-state" to detect the state version of the server dir
  and create an appropriate virtualenv with a devpi-server install in order
  to export data, and then import that version.

- allow to use /user/index as indexserver url for pip/easy_install by
  redirecting non-json queries to /user/index/PROJ[/] to 

- fix submission of multi-value fields like "classifiers" or "platform"
  (previously they would be wrongly collapsed to become the last value of a list)

- fix normalization import/export issue: pypi names take precendence
  for defining the "real" name of a project.

- always store uploaded documentation with a version.  While 
  "devpi upload" will make sure to pass in the version, " upload_docs"
  will not pass in a version.  In the latter case, devpi-server assumes
  the documentation belongs to the highest yet registered release.
  This change requires exporting with devpi-1.1 and importing with devpi-1.2
  in order to properly store versioned docs internally.

- use types/url/metadata/validation functionality of new depdency devpi_common 

- internal cleanup using pytest-flakes

- make devpi-server use a proper UserAgent string


- "devpi list" and "devpi remove" now accept a pip/setuptools style
  requirement like "pkg>=1.0" instead of the former for limited "pkg-1.0".

- make devpi-client fully work with python3.3 and fix test bugs 

- use system http/s proxy settings.  fixes issue58.

- add "devpi test -c tox.ini package" to use a particular (external)
  tox.ini for running tox with the unpackaged package.
  also add "--fallback-ini tox.ini" option which will only 
  be used if the download package has no tox.ini.

- new "devpi use --set-cfg" option to set pip/easy_install configuration
  files when changing indexes.  Also new "devpi use --always-set-cfg=yes"
  option if you want to imply "--set-cfg" on future "devpi use" invocations
  and "devpi use --always-st-cfg=no" to disable this implication.

- support git and hg for exporting all versioned files of a directory 
  before performing the build step when uploading

- improve how upload works: is only used for building docs
  and release files but not for the remote upload part.  This gets rid of a 
  number of hacks that were done trying to get the Python shipped "distutils" 
  to pick the proper devpi index and allows proper SSL verification on Python2.6

- upload: show response when uploading documentation failed

- upload: allow to specify archive files as positional arguments (both files and
  directories can be specified but the latter additionally require
  a --upload-dirs option)

- fix issue54: upload now works on wheel files as well.
  As pkginfo does not support wheels directly, we use the ``twine``
  project which extends pkginfo for now.

- only show highest version in "devpi list PROJECT" output, unless
  "--all" is specified.

- on upload release files: skip rather than guess packages which contain no metadata

- strike BeautifulSoup dependency and re-use vendored pip-link parser

- use types/url/metadata/validation functionality of new depdency devpi_common 

- internal cleanup wrt pytest-flakes discoveries

- remove "archive" dependency in favour of a small implementation in

- make devpi-client use a proper UserAgent string

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