tox-1.6.1 / detox-0.9.3: some fixes

holger krekel holger at
Wed Sep 4 16:22:19 CEST 2013

I just pushed tox-1.6.1 to PyPI which fixes a number of issues
Also detox-0.9.3, the parallelizing tox runner, is out.

tox aims to automate and standardize testing in Python, see docs:

If you want to support tox development other than through contributions
or feedback, you may send gifts to my gittip account:

Oh, and a NOTE on Python2.5 support: support for running tox/detox
themselves on python2.5 will be dropped anytime now while _creating_ 
python2.5 environments (through tox.ini) will remain supported still 
for some time (but not indefinitely).

have fun,
holger krekel

tox 1.6.1

- fix issue119: {envsitepackagesdir} is now correctly computed and has
  a better test to prevent regression.

- fix issue116: make 1.6 introduced behaviour of changing to a 
  per-env HOME directory during install activities dependent 
  on "--set-home" for now.  Should re-establish the old behaviour
  when no option is given.

- fix issue118: correctly have two tests use realpath(). Thanks Barry

- fix test runs on environments without a home directory
  (in this case we use toxinidir as the homedir)

- fix issue117: python2.5 fix: don't use ``--insecure`` option because 
  its very existence depends on presence of "ssl".  If you
  want to support python2.5/pip1.3.1 based test environments you need 
  to install ssl and/or use PIP_INSECURE=1 through ``setenv``. section.

- fix issue102: change to {toxinidir} when installing dependencies.
  this allows to use relative path like in "-rrequirements.txt".


- fix issue6: quickly make detox work with tox-1.6 again (although not
  all 1.6 features supported, e.g. --develop does not work)

- fix issue3: don't claim a TROVE identifier of "python3" because detox
  itself depends on eventlet which does not work on py3 yet. (Nevertheless
  detox will create py3 environments through tox of course)

- fix issue1: support python2.5 again (although we might drop it in the
  future -- it's enough of tox/detox can _create_ and handle py25 environments,
  they don't neccessarily need to support running themselv on py25)

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