PyCon.DE 2013 calls to Open Source Projects

Christopher Arndt chris at
Sat Sep 7 18:23:39 CEST 2013

To all Pythonistas,

at the PyCon.DE 2013 conference in Cologne, Germany (14.-19. October),
we offer great opportunities for Open Source projects related to Python
to contribute and to promote their project!


Following the main conference, on Friday and Saturday, 18th resp. 19th
October, we offer two days of Sprints open to all. These provide an
opportunity and ideal infrastructure to gather contributors of Open
Source projects and drive forward their development.

Projects and individuals wanting to participate in a Sprint should check
out the following web page and register themselves in the Wiki:


On Friday, October 18th, parallel to the first day of the Sprint, we are
organising a Barcamp with free entry. This also open possibilities for
Open Source projects to raise visibility or find new contributors, for
example by giving a Lightning Talk or organising a Workshop.

Conference exhibition

For selected projects we offer the opportunity to be present with a
small booth or a poster in the main conference entrance area - subject
to availability of space.

If you are interesting in having a booth or presenting a poster, please
contact the conference bureau as soon as possible:

Don't let this splendid opportunity pass to promote your project and to
contribute to the diversity and great experience of PyCon.DE 2013!

Speaking for the whole team of organizers, I hope to see many of you at
the conference.

Christopher Arndt

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