WSME 0.5b5 released

Christophe de Vienne cdevienne at
Tue Sep 17 11:57:51 CEST 2013

About WSME

Web Service Made Easy (WSME) simplify the writing of REST web services
by providing simple yet powerful typing which removes the need to
directly manipulate the request and the response objects.

WSME can work standalone or on top of your favorite python web
(micro)framework, so you can use both your preferred way of routing your
REST requests and most of the features of WSME that rely on the typing
system like:

*   Alternate protocols, including ones supporting batch-calls

*   Easy documentation through a Sphinx extension


0.5b5 (2013-09-16)

More packaging fixes.

0.5b4 (2013-09-11)

Fixes some release-related files for the stackforge release process.
No user-facing bug fixes or features over what 0.5b3 provides.

0.5b3 (2013-09-04)

The project moved to stackforge. Mind the new URLs for the repository,
bugreport etc (see the documentation).

*   Allow non-default status code return with the pecan adapter
    (Angus Salked).

*   Fix returning objects with object attributes set to None on
    rest-json & ExtDirect.

*   Allow error details to be set on the Response object
    (experimental !).

*   Fix: Content-Type header is not set anymore when the return type is
    None on the pecan adapter.

*   Support unicode message in ClientSideError (Mehdi Abaakouk).

*   Use pbr instead of d2to1 (Julien Danjou).

*   Python 3.3 support (Julien Danjou).

*   Pecan adapter: returned status can now be set on exceptions (Vitaly

*   TG adapters: returned status can be set on exceptions (Ryan

*   six >= 1.4.0 support (Julien Danjou).

*   Require ordereddict from pypi for python < 2.6 (Ryan Petrello).

*   Make the code PEP8 compliant (Ryan Petrello).




Christophe de Vienne

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