[ANN] pyspread 0.2.5

Martin Manns mmanns at gmx.net
Sat Sep 21 20:18:42 CEST 2013

pyspread 0.2.5

Pyspread 0.2.5 is released.

This is mainly a bug fix release with some improvements in chart
creation and CSV import.

About pyspread

Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet application that is based on
and written in the programming language Python. 

The goal of pyspread is to be the most pythonic spreadsheet application.

Pyspread is free software. It is released under the GPL v3.

Project website: http://manns.github.com/pyspread/

What is new in 0.2.5

 + Brazilian Portuguese localization added
 + Pyspread now displays dates with matplotlib 1.3.0
 + CSV import now allows different file encodings
 + All unit tests now succeed in Windows
 + Chart grid lines are now separately selectable for each axis
 + Chart annotation texts are now treated as code instead of strings
 + Tooltip text for pie chart colors is extended
 + Chart padding fixed
 + Default font size for renderer is now set explicitly if 0 (OS X fix)
 + String representation method of S removed

Known issues

 + Selection mode is disabled in Windows.
 + Paste As... does not work if dates are present in the data structure.
 + Sometimes, pressing redo when there is nothing left to redo has
   undesired effects such as redoing an operation again.



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