ANN: ReportLab PLUS and open source 3.1 released with Python 3 support

Andy Robinson nick at
Tue Apr 29 16:04:15 CEST 2014

ReportLab are pleased to announce the release of the Python 3-compatible version of our PDF generation toolkit.   

After an extensive rewrite, both our open-source and commercial frameworks now run under Python 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4, and can be installed with pip or easy_install and managed from standard requirements.txt. The open source code is available with "pip install reportlab", and also from Bitbucket (

Our commercial package - ReportLab PLUS - which sits on top of the ReportLab toolkit - lets you develop documents very quickly directly from your preferred web framework (we use Django for the majority of our projects).   
- design PDF templates in RML, our own XML dialect, exactly as you would web templates.
- include professionally designed artwork and background pages with a single tag using our PageCatcher technology.
- create business and custom graphics with identical style in print and web using our Diagra charts.

The ability to create personalised, publication quality PDF documents from a CMS in real-time is a game-changer, opening new communication channels and allowing clients to streamline work and save on print. 
ReportLab PLUS can be tried freely with a nag line, but needs an annual subscription before production use. All subscriptions include support hours and hot-fixes as standard. ReportLab are happy to provide support, mentoring and a design-and-build service.  Use the following links for more information:    
ReportLab software
RML and other support documents 
Andy Robinson
CEO / Chief Architect

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