pbr 0.9.0 released

Doug Hellmann doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com
Mon Jul 7 17:48:25 CEST 2014

The Oslo team is pleased to announce the release of pbr 0.9.0.

pbr (Python Build Reasonableness) is a wrapper for setuptools to make
packaging python libraries and applications easier.

For more details, see https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pbr and

This release includes:

$ git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline --no-merges 0.8.2..0.9.0
fa17f42 Allow examining parsing exceptions.
ec1009c Update integration script for Apache 2.4
b07a50b Restore Monkeypatched Distribution Instance
715c597 Register testr as a distutil entry point
6541911 Check for git before querying it for a version
6f4ff3c Allow _run_cmd to run commands in any directory.
2e2245c Make setUp fail if sdist fails.
e01b28e Permit pre-release versions with git metadata
bdb0191 Un-nest some sections of code

Please report issues using the launchpad tracker: https://launchpad.net/pbr


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