ANN: dh-virtualenv 0.7 released

Jyrki Pulliainen jyrki at
Thu Jun 5 16:51:29 CEST 2014


We at Spotify have released dh-virtualenv 0.7! Dh-virtualenv is a packaging
tool that makes it possible to package virtualenvs inside Debian packages.

dh-virtualenv works by registering itself as a part of debhelper sequence,
so pretty much any pre-existing Debian build system you have should be
compatible with it.

Changelog since version 0.6:
- Backwards incompatible Support running tests. This change breaks builds
that use distutils. For those cases a flag --no-test needs to be passed.
- Add tutorial to documentation
- Don’t crash on debbuild parameters -i and -a
- Support custom source directory (debhelper’s flag -D)

For more information, see documentation here:
And source code here:

 dh-virtualenv 0.7 is also installable via apt on Debian Testing (jessie)

- Jyrki

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