ANN: eGenix PyRun - One file Python Runtime 2.0.0

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                 eGenix PyRun - One file Python Runtime

                            Version 2.0.0

         An easy-to-use single file relocatable Python run-time -
           available for Linux, Mac OS X and Unix platforms,
              with support for Python 2.6, 2.7 and now
                       **also for Python 3.4**.

This announcement is also available on our web-site for online reading:



eGenix PyRun is our open source, one file, no installation version of
Python, making the distribution of a Python interpreter to run based
scripts and applications to Unix based systems as simple as copying a
single file.

eGenix PyRun's executable only needs 11MB for Python 2 and 13MB for
Python 3, but still supports most Python application and scripts - and
it can be compressed to just 3-4MB using upx, if needed.

Compared to a regular Python installation of typically 100MB on disk,
eGenix PyRun is ideal for applications and scripts that need to be
distributed to several target machines, client installations or

It makes "installing" Python on a Unix based system as simple as
copying a single file.

eGenix has been using the product internally in the mxODBC Connect
Server since 2008 with great success and decided to make it available
as a stand-alone open-source product.

We provide both the source archive to build your own eGenix PyRun, as
well as pre-compiled binaries for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X, as 32-
and 64-bit versions. The binaries can be downloaded manually, or you
can let our automatic install script install-pyrun take care of the
installation: ./install-pyrun dir and you're done.

Please see the product page for more details:



This is a major release of eGenix PyRun. The most significant step
forward in this release is the addition of Python 3.4 support.

New Features

 * Added Python 3.4 support to eGenix PyRun.

 * eGenix PyRun defaults to PYTHONIOENCODING = "utf-8:surrogateescape"
   for Python 3.4 to provide a better user experience.

 * Enabled the lib2to3 package to work with eGenix PyRun. This allows
   on-the-fly Python 3 conversions as used by e.g. the setuptools
   package to work with eGenix PyRun.

 * Frozen modules in eGenix PyRun now always have the __file__
   attribute set - unlike in standard Python This increases
   compatibility of pyrun with existing Python software. Submitted as

Enhancements / Changes

 * Added work-around for bug in Python 3.4 modulefinder
   module. Submitted as

 * Added work-around for problem with logging package's use of the
   __file__ attribute. Submitted as

 * Added work-around for getting runpy.run_path() to work with frozen
   modules in Python 3. This is needed to be able to run packages and
   ZIP files directly from the command line. Submitted as

 * Turned our patch to support frozen modules into a real
   patch instead of doing this dynamically. Submitted as

 * Removed support for Python 2.5 from eGenix PyRun.

install-pyrun Quick Install Enhancements

eGenix PyRun includes a shell script called install-pyrun, which
greatly simplifies installation of PyRun. It works much like the
virtualenv shell script used for creating new virtual environments
(except that there's nothing virtual about PyRun environments).

With the script, an eGenix PyRun installation is as simple as running:

    ./install-pyrun targetdir

This will automatically detect the platform, download and install the
right pyrun version into targetdir.

We have updated this script since the last release:

 * Updated install-pyrun to default to eGenix PyRun 2.0.0 and its
   feature set.

 * install-pyrun will no longer install the latest versions of pip and
   setuptools due to recent incompatible changes in those
   packages. Instead, the script uses fixed defaults and makes it easy
   to override them.

 * install-pyrun now uses pip 1.4.1 and setuptools 2.1 per default
   instead of the latest versions for better backwards compatibility
   with packages not hosted on PyPI.

 * install-pyrun can optionally fetch the latest versions of pip and
   setuptools by using "latest" as version number for --pip-version
   and --setuptools-version.

 * install-pyrun script is now available in signed and hashed form for
   additional security.

For a complete list of changes, please see the eGenix PyRun Changelog:



eGenix PyRun is distributed under the Public License 1.1.0
which is an Open Source license similar to the Python license. You can
use eGenix PyRun in both commercial and non-commercial settings
without fee or charge.

Please see our license page for more details:

The package comes with full source code.



The download archives and instructions for installing eGenix PyRun can
be found at:

As always, we are providing pre-built binaries for all common
platforms: Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32/64-bit, FreeBSD 32/64-bit, Mac
OS X 32/64-bit. Source code archives are available for installation on
other platforms, such as Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.



Commercial support for this product is available from
Please see

for details about our support offerings.



For more information about eGenix PyRun, licensing and download
instructions, please visit our web-site:

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    Python is an object-oriented Open Source programming language
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    clarity in coding, enterprise application connectivity and rapid
    application design, Python establishes an ideal programming
    platform for today's IT challenges.

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