devpi client/server 1.2.2 releases

holger krekel holger at
Sun Mar 30 08:44:04 CEST 2014

Hi all,

finally i got around to do 1.2.2 releases of the devpi pypi server tools
with a few fixes and improvements.  See for docs
and instructions and below for the changelog.

holger krekel



- fix issue78: create less directories for pypi package files by
  splitting the md5 part into two. Avoids TooManyLinks errors in
  large installations.

- fix --stop on windows.  Thanks to Christian Ullrich for the PR.

- fix issue79: interoperate with pip-1.5 by interpreting accept
  header as "*/*" as html_preferred.  Thanks Richard Jones.

- use latest virtualenv-1.11.2 when bootstrapping on jenkins

- fix issue89: adapt for bottle changes in 0.12.1.  Thanks 
  Alexey Sveshnikov.


- depend on pkginfo>1.2b1 for wheel metadata reading support, 
  remove twine dependency. Thanks Tres Seaver.

- new: also write buildout configuration file with --set-cfg.
  Thanks Christian Ullrich for the PR.

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