PyDev 3.9.0 Released

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Thu Nov 13 11:35:07 CET 2014

What is PyDev?

PyDev is an open-source Python IDE on top of Eclipse for Python, Jython and
IronPython development.

It comes with goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax
analysis, code analysis, refactor, debug, interactive console, etc.

Details on PyDev:
Details on its development:

What is LiClipse?

LiClipse is a PyDev standalone with goodies such as support for Multiple
cursors, theming and a number of other languages such as Django Templates,
Kivy Language, Mako Templates, Html, Javascript, etc.

It's also a commercial counterpart which helps supporting the development
of PyDev.

Details on LiClipse:

Release Highlights:

* **Important**: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For
older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse:
for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

* **Vertical Indent Guide** is now available (may be customized in PyDev >
Editor > Vertical Indent Guide. PyDev-359).

* **Minimap**

    * The horizontal scrollbar is shown by default (again). It's still
possible to hide it in the Preferences > PyDev > Editor > Overview Ruler

    * Fixed critical issue where the minimap could lead to a repaint
recursion on some Linux versions (reproduced on Ubuntu 12. LiClipse-120).

* The PYTHONPATH is now properly passed to PyLint when using an external
executable (PyDev-475).

* Fixed issue where breakpoints in other editors (i.e.: CDT) where wrongly
being handled by PyDev (patch by Danny Yoo. PyDev-482).

* Fixed issue doing code-completion for builtins in Jython (PyDev-457).

* **Interactive Console**

    * When doing a code-completion with Ctrl+Space, let tab change the
focus instead of doing the tab-enabled completion.

    * Output given from the backend could end up being editable (PyDev-465).

    * input() was including the prompt in the input string (PyDev-465).

    * Debugger console was outputting greeting message when it shouldn't

* **pep8**: --exclude can now be used in pep8 parameters (patch by
Sebastian Elsner. PyDev-466).

* **autopep8**: end line delimiter is now being kept (patch by Ben Blank.

* Unittest integration: Making sure we don't import the unittest module
before executing pytest (PyDev-455).

* Unittest integration: Fix to use the proper encoding when passing
stdout/stderr to the java side.

* Fixed issue when debugging file without extension (when there was no
default editor associated to the file name).

* Debugger: getpass properly working with additional arguments (PyDev-460).


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