prophy 0.4.2 - fast serialization protocol

Krzysztof Laskowski krzysztof.laskowski.1986 at
Sun Sep 7 21:40:32 CEST 2014


I'd like to announce Prophy, the serialization protocol.
It has a schema language and compiler generating codecs for Python and C++.
It's aimed to provide tools similar to Google Protobuf to handle messages
of XDR-like wire format: no tags, unpacked ints, padding for alignment.

Reason for starting up the project when so many outstanding serialization
protocols exist is the simplicity of native binary wire format.
Prophy lets severely restricted embedded environments to encode messages
efficiently (in-place) and allows acceptance tests and cooperating devices
to use automatic but more resource-hungry codecs.

License: MIT
Email: krzysztof.laskowski.1986 at

Current release is 0.4.2. Before 1.0 I plan to do:
- Python 3 support,
- full C++ codec (structs and unions with vectors instead of arrays
   and generated encode, decode, print methods),
- language enhancements (includes, inner definitions, bool, string).

Feel free to provide feedback.

Best Regards,
Krzysztof Laskowski

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