devpi-2.0.3, devpi-server-2.0.6 and devpi-web-2.1.0 released

Florian Schulze florian.schulze at
Mon Sep 8 12:26:53 CEST 2014

The new devpi releases devpi-2.0.3, devpi-server-2.0.6 and 
devpi-web-2.1.0 contain several fixes for the private pypi server 
system/self-updating pypi cache, see the changelog below for details.

The major new change in devpi-web is support for theming, see here for 
more details:

And general documentation at:

with tutorials and quickstart documents for particular scenarios.

Note that no export/import procedure is needed if you are already 
a 2.X devpi-server.  If upgrading from a 1.2 devpi-server install, you 
to upgrade using these instructions:

Florian Schulze

devpi-server 2.0.6

- log version information of all found plugins on startup.

devpi-web 2.1.0

- allow overwriting of templates for theming.

- show version info for currently active packages/plugins.

- fix encoding issue when loading long description with Python 3.4 on 

- requires devpi-server 2.0.6.

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