six 1.8.0 released

Benjamin Peterson benjamin at
Thu Sep 11 23:53:17 CEST 2014

I'm pleased to announce the latest release of six, a Python 2/3
compatibility library. Many more "six.moves" mappings were added, and a
few bugs were fixed.

Download six from PyPI:

Report bugs:

Here is the full changelog for this release:

- Issue #90: Add six.moves.shlex_quote.

- Issue #59: Add six.moves.intern.

- Add six.urllib.parse.uses_(fragment|netloc|params|query|relative).

- Issue #88: Fix add_metaclass when the class has __slots__ containing
  "__weakref__" or "__dict__".

- Issue #89: Make six use absolute imports.

- Issue #85: Always accept *updated* and *assigned* arguments for

- Issue #86: In reraise(), instantiate the exception if the second
argument is

- Pull request #45: Add six.moves.email_mime_nonmultipart.

- Issue #81: Add six.urllib.request.splittag mapping.

- Issue #80: Add six.urllib.request.splituser mapping.

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