PyGObject 3.14.0 Released

Simon Feltman s.feltman at
Tue Sep 23 01:23:58 CEST 2014

I am pleased to announce version 3.14.0 of the Python bindings for
GObject Introspection. This is the first stable release in the 3.14 series.

This major release includes refactoring, bug-fixes, performance improvements,
and a few API additions. Thanks to all the contributors and a special shout-out
to Garrett Regier for some excellent refactoring and marshaling unification work
for Python implemented virtual methods. This work enables out and inout array
arguments for Python implemented virtual methods.

The new release is available from (703K)
sha256sum: 779effa93f4b59cdb72f4ab0128fb3fd82900bf686193b570fd3a8ce63392d54

Notable changes since PyGObject 3.12.0
- Gdk.Event supports setting union member fields directly based on the event
  type (Christoph Reiter) (#727810)
- GLib.GError and GLib.Error are now unified (Simon Feltman) (#712519)
- Non-introspected signals support marshaling cairo objects
  (Simon Feltman) (#694604)
- GTypeClass methods show up as Python GObject class methods
  (Johan Dahlin) (#685218)
- Widget.style_get_property and Container.child_get_property return values
  as Python native types when applicable, making the GValue argument optional.
  (Simon Feltman) (#685076)
- Windows build fixes (Alexey Pavlov) (#734284, #734289, #734286, #734287)
- Support for arrays with length fields on structs (Simon Feltman) (#688792)
- Fast path Python property access (Simon Feltman) (#723872)
- Memory leak fixes when accessing properties which are boxed types
  (Simon Feltman) (#726999)
- [New API] Add gi.require_foreign (Simon Feltman) (#707735)
- [New API] Add Gtk.Container.child_get/set overrides to match the C API
  (Simon Feltman) (#685076)
- [New API] Add Python implementation of Object.connect_data()
  (Simon Feltman) (#701843)

Alexey Pavlov, Andre Klapper, Andrew Grigorev, Christoph Reiter, Garrett Regier,
Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Johan Dahlin, Martin Pitt, Olav Vitters, Paolo Borelli,
Piotr Iwaniuk, Simon Feltman, Tobias Mueller

About PyGObject
GObject is an object system used by GTK+, GStreamer and other libraries.

PyGObject provides a convenient wrapper for use in Python programs when
accessing GObject libraries.

Like the GObject library itself PyGObject is licensed under the GNU
LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary
applications. It is already in use in many applications ranging from
small single purpose scripts up to large full featured applications.

PyGObject now dynamically accesses any GObject libraries that uses
GObject Introspection. It replaces the need for separate modules such as
PyGTK, GIO and python-gnome to build a full GNOME 3.0 application. Once
new functionality is added to gobject library it is instantly available
as a Python API without the need for intermediate Python glue.

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