ANN: gcc-python-plugin 0.13

David Malcolm dmalcolm at
Tue Sep 30 22:34:33 CEST 2014

gcc-python-plugin is a plugin for GCC 4.6 onwards which embeds the
CPython interpreter within GCC, allowing you to write new compiler
warnings in Python, generate code visualizations, etc.

It ships with "gcc-with-cpychecker", which implements static analysis
passes for GCC aimed at finding bugs in CPython extensions.  In
particular, it can automatically detect
reference-counting errors:

The major features in this release are:

  * gcc 4.9 compatibility

  * a major revamping to the HTML output from

More detailed information on these and details of the other changes can
be seen in the release notes at:

Tarball releases are available at:

Prebuilt-documentation can be seen at:

The project's homepage is:

The plugin and checker are Free Software, licensed under the GPLv3 or

Thanks to Buck Golemon, Denis Efremov, Philip Herron, and Tom Tromey for
their contributions to this release.

Dave Malcolm

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