ANN: MicroPython 1.4.5

Paul Sokolovsky pmiscml at
Wed Aug 19 23:03:16 CEST 2015


MicroPython is an implementation of a subset of Python 3.5 which is
optimised for systems with minimal resources, including
microcontrollers and embedded/IoT systems.

Changes in this release include:

py core:
- use wrapper to check self argument of builtin methods, to prevent seg
- catch case when relative import happens without active package
- fix running package submodule with -m
- add TimeoutError exception subclassed from OSError
- prevent many extra vstr allocations by preallocating room for null
- modbuiltins: Implement round() to precision
- implement memoryview slice assignment, eg m1[0:3] = m2[2:5]
- viper: allow functions to take up to 4 arguments
- viper: issue an error when compiling functions with more than 4 args
- raise SyntaxError when str hex escape sequence is malformed
- fix handling of parsing empty input so it raises an exception
- viper: compile errors now have traceback with function and filename
- make list += accept all arguments and add test

- ubinascii: add a2b_base64 and b2a_base64 functions
- machine: implement physical memory access using /dev/mem (Linux, etc)

- readline: add emacs control chars for cursor movement (disabled by

- update upip to 0.5.4: recognize and handle "package not found" error

unix port:
- add O_WRONLY | O_CREAT to open call when opening file for append ("a")
- socket.getaddrinfo: accept family & socktype arguments
- socket.getaddrinfo: port is unsigned value
- modsocket: implement sendto(), recvfrom(), inet_pton()
- set MICROPY_PY_SYS_PLATFORM to "darwin" if compiled on OSX

Detailed changelog:

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