fIDDLE v0.2 - A Simple Python Code Editor

Aaron Kehrer akehrer at
Fri Aug 28 02:03:48 CEST 2015

fIDDLE is a new Python code editor I have been working on. It started as a rough proof-of-concept for the IDLE Reimagined project based on PyQt, but has diverged somewhat into its own thing.

- Interactive interpreter (Python shell)
- Tabbed file editor with code completion
- Easy access to built-in Python documentation (via pydoc)
- Quick search for errors
- Improved traceback information
- One touch code cleaner and code checker
- Easily switch between interpreters (including virtual environments)

There is a Windows executable available in Releases and I have been able to get it working on both Ubunutu and OS X.

Feedback welcome. Thank you for looking.

- Aaron

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