ANN: Bokeh 0.9.3 released

Damian Avila damian.avila at
Fri Aug 28 19:57:33 CEST 2015

Hi all,

On behalf of the Bokeh team, I am excited to announce the release of
version 0.9.3 of Bokeh, an interactive web plotting library for Python...
and other languages!

This release was focused into provide several usability enhancements,
better docs, new examples, a lot of bug fixes and an improved testing
machinery (using pytest and selenium-based test).

Some of the highlights are:

* Support horizontal or vertical spans
* Provide raw_components version of bokeh.embed.components
* Prevent Bokeh from eating scroll events if wheel tool is not active
* bokeh.models.actions are now called bokeh.models.callbacks and Callback
is now CustomJS
* Additional validation warnings
* Cleaned up gulp source mapping
* Fixes in our build machinery
* Cleaned up models section of the reference guide
* Use pytest instead of nose
* Beginning to add selenium tests

See the CHANGELOG <> for
full details.

If you are using Anaconda/miniconda, you can install it with conda:

    *conda install bokeh*

or directly from our Binstar main channel with:

    *conda install -c bokeh bokeh*

Alternatively, you can also install it with pip:

    *pip install bokeh*

If you want to use Bokeh in standalone Javascript applications, BokehJS is
available by CDN at:


Additionally, BokehJS is also installable with the Node Package Manager at

Issues, enhancement requests, and pull requests can be made on the Bokeh
Github page:

Questions can be directed to the Bokeh mailing list: bokeh at


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