PyMailGUI standalone release

Mark Lutz lutz at
Fri Dec 11 15:10:17 EST 2015

There is a new standalone release of PyMailGUI - a POP/SMTP email client
which is a major example in a large Python book (shameless plug omitted). 
This release's code is identical to that in the book, but has a different 
launcher and a self-contained package structure for standalone use.

PyMailGUI is a bit limited because it was written for use as a teaching 
tool in a book.  On the other hand, it does threading, MIME attachments, 
Unicode, and more, and is useful enough to have served as its author's 
primary email tool for over a decade.  It may also reduce the probability
of your email being read by a giant evil company without your consent.





--M. Lutz,

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