ANN: SciPy Latin América 2015 - Call for Proposals

Damián Avila damianavila at
Fri Feb 20 13:37:06 CET 2015

*Call for Proposals*

*SciPy Latin América 2015*, the third annual Scientific Computing with
Python Conference, will be held this *May 20-22* in *Posadas, Misiones,

SciPy is a community dedicated to the advancement of scientific computing
through open source Python software for mathematics, science, and
engineering. The annual SciPy Conferences allows participants from
academic, commercial, and governmental organizations to showcase their
latest projects, learn from skilled users and developers, and collaborate
on code development.

*Proposals are now being accepted for SciPy Latin América 2015*.

Presentation content can be at a novice, intermediate or advanced level.
Talks will run 30-40 min and hands-on tutorials will run 100-120 min. We
also receive proposal for posters. For more information about the different
types of proposal, see below the "*Different types of Communication*"

*How to Submit?*

   1. Register for an account on
   2. Submit your proposal at

*Important Dates*

   - *April 6th*: Talks, poster, tutorial submission deadline.
   - *April 20th*: Notification Talks / Posters / Tutorial accepted.
   - *May 20th-22nd*: SciPy Latin América 2015.

*Different types of Communication*

*Talks*: These are the traditional talk sessions given during the main
conference days. They're mostly 30 minutes long with 5 min for questions.
If you think you have a topic but aren't sure how to propose it, contact
our program committee and we'll work with you. We'd love to help you come
up with a great proposal.

*Tutorials*: We are looking for tutorials that can grow this community at
any level. We aim for tutorials that will advance Scientific Python,
advance this community, and shape the future. They're are 100-120 minutes
long, but if you think you need more than one slot, you can split the
content and submit two self-contained proposals.

*Posters*: The poster session provides a more interactive, attendee-driven
presentation than the speaker-driven conference talks. Poster presentations
have fostered extensive discussions on the topics, with many that have gone
on much longer than the actual "session" called for. The idea is to present
your topic on poster board and as attendees mingle through the rows, they
find your topic, read through what you've written, then strike up a
discussion on it. It's as simple as that. You could be doing Q&A in the
first minute of the session with a group of 10 people.

*Lightning Talks*: Want to give a talk, but do not have enough material for
a full talk? These talks are, at max, 5 minute talks done in quick
succession in the main hall. No need to fill the whole slot, though!

*The SciPy LA 2015 Program **Committee*

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