devpi maintenance releases

holger krekel holger at
Tue Feb 24 15:27:21 CET 2015

Hi all,

Florian Schulze just released several devpi package maintenance updates
to PyPI, see the changelogs below for details.  Upgrading is considered
safe and does not require an export/import cycle on the server side.

Note that the "devpi" metapackage is discontinued, please rather use::

    pip install devpi-server devpi-client

if you want to install both server and client.  You can also install
devpi-web if you want more web UI including search.

Docs for devpi are here, including quickstart tutorials :

have fun,


- fix issue209: argument default handling changed in argparse in Python 2.7.9.
- fix issue163: use PIP_CONFIG_FILE environment variable if set.
- fix issue191: provide return code !=0 for failures during push


- fix issue214: the whitelisting code stopped inheritance too early.

- fix regression: easy_install went to the full simple project list for a
  non existing project.

- When uploading an existing version to a non-volatile index, it's now a
  no op instead of an error if the content is identical. If the content is
  different, it's still an error.

- Uploading documentation to non-volatile indexes is now protected the same
  way as packages.

- added code to allow filtering on packages with stable version numbers.

- Change nginx template to set the X-outside-url header based on the
  requested URL.  This makes it possible to connect by IP address when
  the server name is not in DNS.


- fix issue207: added documentation url for latest stable release of a package.


- added code to allow filtering on stable version numbers.

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