PyDev 3.9.1 Released

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Fri Jan 9 00:09:27 CET 2015

What is PyDev?

PyDev is an open-source Python IDE on top of Eclipse for Python, Jython and
IronPython development.

It comes with goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax
analysis, code analysis, refactor, debug, interactive console, etc.

Details on PyDev:
Details on its development:

What is LiClipse?

LiClipse is a PyDev standalone with goodies such as support for Multiple
cursors, theming and a number of other languages such as Django Templates,
Kivy Language, Mako Templates, Html, Javascript, etc.

It's also a commercial counterpart which helps supporting the development
of PyDev.

Details on LiClipse:

Release Highlights:

* **Important**: PyDev requires Eclipse 3.8 or 4.3 onwards and Java 7! For
older versions, keep using PyDev 2.x (use LiClipse:
for a PyDev standalone with all requirements bundled).

* **Preferences**

  * PyDev preferences may now be saved and persisted for each project or in
the user settings (not just in the workspace).
  * Currently Save actions, Code Formatter, Typing and Imports are
supported (more to come in upcoming releases).
  * The same pages in the preferences are used to save settings to
(multiple) projects or user settings.
  * Configuration files are saved in Yaml format and are meant to be saved
in version control.

* **Editor**

  * The option to apply auto-formating was changed to apply any save
actions in non-workspace files.
  * Editor icon improved for dark theme (patch by Fathony Luthfillah).
  * When running the pep8 code analysis, the markers shown are no longer 1
character off.

* **Django**

  * Improved Django 1.7 support (patch by David Lehrian).

* **Profiling**

  * Integration with PyVmMonitor: (currently
only available for backers of the effort).

    * A profiling view was created where the location of PyVmMonitor should
be specified.
    * Just turning the option on will make all runs from that point on run
with the selected profile backend enabled.

* **Debugger**

  * Connecting to subprocesses working in Python 3.4.
  * Attach to running process is now supported on Mac OS.

* **Others**

  * Unset VIRTUAL_ENV before running external Python to protect the
sys.path (patch by James Blackburn).
  * pytest: Expected failure is no longer marked as a failure.
  * pytest: The working dir is changed so that conftests are loaded
properly (to workaround issue in pytest:
  * Fixed issue where an unused import would not be properly removed if it
was not a from import.
  * Fixed exception when drawing minimap overview ruler.


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