Eventlet 0.16.1

Sergey Shepelev temotor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 03:47:24 CET 2015

Eventlet is a concurrent networking library for Python that allows you to change how you run your code, not how you write it. 


This release features Python 2.7.9 SSL compatibility and improved Python3 support (bleeding edge, not finished officially). Thanks to all contributors!

Also, we removed lots of deprecated unsupported code, including Twisted hub. This will allow us to focus on what's important and get there sooner. Next targets: Python3 and IPv6.

Important note if you already installed v0.16.0: please, take a minute and update your build to 0.16.1. Module eventlet.util was removed from source tree and tarball but still made it into wheel package by my mistake. You may have code that depends (but shouldn't) on this module and will work in some cases.

* Fix SSL socket wrapping and Python 2.7.9 compatibility; Thanks to Jakub Stasiak
* Fix monkey_patch() on Python 3; Thanks to Victor Stinner
* Fix "maximum recursion depth exceeded in GreenSocket.__del__"; Thanks to Jakub Stasiak
* db_pool: BaseConnectionPool.clear updates .current_size #139; Thanks to Andrey Gubarev
* Fix __str__ method on the TimeoutExpired exception class.; Thanks to Tomaz Muraus
* hubs: drop Twisted support
* Removed deprecated modules: api, most of coros, pool, proc, processes and util
* Improved Python 3 compatibility (including patch by raylu); Thanks to Jakub Stasiak
* Allow more graceful shutdown of wsgi server; Thanks to Stuart McLaren
* wsgi.input: Make send_hundred_continue_headers() a public API; Thanks to Tushar Gohad
* tpool: Windows compatibility, fix ResourceWarning. Thanks to Victor Stinner
* tests: Fix timers not cleaned up on MySQL test skips; Thanks to Corey Wright

Our website: http://eventlet.net/ 
Direct package download links:

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