[ANN] Pylint 1.4.1 / Astroid 1.3.3 released

Claudiu Popa pcmanticore at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 21:22:42 CET 2015


It's my pleasure to announce the release of both Pylint 1.4.1 and
Astroid 1.3.3 respectively.

The following bug fixes and features made their way into Astroid 1.3.3:

    * Restore file_stream to a property, but deprecate it in favour of
      the newly added method Module.stream.

    * Add inference tips for 'tuple', 'list', 'dict' and 'set' builtins.

    * Add brain definition for most string and unicode methods

    * Add a new method to Class nodes, 'mro', for obtaining the
      the method resolution order of the class.

    * Add brain tips for six.moves. Closes issue #63.

    * .slots() can contain unicode strings on Python 2.

    * Add inference tips for nose.tools.

The complete list of changes can be seen here:

For Pylint, we have the following fixes and features:

    * Add a new JSON reporter, usable through -f flag.

    * Add a new warning, 'redundant-unittest-assert', emitted when using
      unittest's methods assertTrue and assertFalse with constant value
      as argument.

    * Check the return of properties when checking for not-callable.
      Closes issue #406.

    * Warn about using the input() or round() built-ins for Python 3.
      Closes issue #411.

    * Use a mro traversal for finding abstract methods. Closes issue #415.

    * Fix a false positive on Python 2 for raising-bad-type, when
      raising tuples in the form 'raise (ZeroDivisionError, None)'.

    * Fix a false positive with invalid-slots-objects, where the slot entry
      was an unicode string on Python 2. Closes issue #421.

The complete list of changes can be found here:

If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to open a new issue on our issue
tracker (https://bitbucket.org/logilab/pylint/)


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