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OSCON (O'Reilly Open Source Conference) will be held in Portland, OR July
20-24.  The Call for Proposals is now open with a DEADLINE of Monday
February 2:


O'Reilly has completely reorganized OSCON.  Instead of focusing on
individual technologies, there are a bunch of themes:

     * Identity - An emerging and nuanced facet in the digital age and an
       exciting cross-functional track at OSCON 2015.

     * Security - We'll explore security from top to bottom, offering
       frameworks and libraries, strategies for testing, and field reports
       of both security failure and success.

     * Privacy - Computers remember our interactions at a level of detail
       the physical world never has. Do we want to be remembered, and for
       how long?

     * Performance - From compilation and interpreter time to DOM
       manipulation, browser responsiveness, and network latency, we'll
       explore performance in all its facets.

     * Mobility - We'll look at what it means to have a successful mobile
       game plan, from wearables to native apps.

     * People - Making projects work requires communications,
       collaboration, and respect; we'll look at the ways a new generation
       of tools and approaches can help you work.

     * Architecture - Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary
       subject, covering many roles and responsibilities--and a key
       position in the success of any business.

     * Scale - You've created a great web interface that is well designed,
       secure, and works well in a beta with 100 consumers, but how about
       10,000, 1,000,000, or more?

     * Storage - Find your way among the myriad choices for storing data
       and optimizing your systems for stability, distribution,
       convenience, and performance.

     * Teaching - You want to share your best practices, projects, and
       tools with the world, but how do you go about sharing this
       knowledge? We'll examine learning theory and methods of teaching.

     * Design - It's critical for success; learn how to incorporate design
       best practices from the beginning of your project rather and all
       the way through.

     * Solve - Harness the power of math to manipulate, secure, and create

     * Data - Let's tackle data's continued, growing influence over the
       entire business world and how you can make it work for you.

     * Foundations - A strong foundation in computational thinking,
       problem solving, and programming best practices makes for a
       successful programmer.

See the CfP page for more details.
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