Azure SDK v0.10.0 Released

Christopher Wilcox Christopher.Wilcox at
Sat Mar 14 01:11:31 CET 2015

I am glad to announce the release of the Azure SDK for Python v0.10.0.  This package is available on the Python package index at

The azure package makes it easy to access Microsoft Azure components such as Service Management, Storage Tables, Storage Blobs, Storage Queues, and Service Bus.  Some of the things you can do with the Azure SDK are:
- Create and Deploy Linux or Windows VMs
- Create Storage Accounts
- Transfer data on many storage offerings

Notable updates for v0.10.0 include:
- Performance improvements in xml deserialization of storage and service bus Table storage query_entities is ~25X faster for the maximum of 1000 entities
- Ability to upload and download blobs using multiple connections, along with retries when a chunk upload/download failure occurs Controlled via the max_connections, max_retries, retry_wait parameters
- Use get_certificate_from_publish_settings to get a .pem certificate from your azure publish settings file
- Ability to adjust the global http timeout
- Service bus event hub support (create/update/delete hubs + send events)

Also, I want to thank GitHub users lmazuel, rhaps0dy, timfpark, gaellbn, moutai, edevil, rjschwei and okaram for their contributions.

Full Release Notes:

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