devpi-client-2.1.0/devpi-server-2.1.5: maintenance releases

holger krekel holger at
Mon Mar 16 12:30:20 CET 2015

We just released devpi-server-2.1.5 and devpi-client-2.1.0 as maintenance
and minor improvement releases.  devpi is a system for managing packaging, 
documentation, test and installation workflows for private Python packages.

See for documentation and tutorials
and below for the changelog.

many thanks to Florian Schulze who did most of the heavy-lifting for
this release and of course to the issue/PR creators!

holger krekel


devpi-server-2.1.5 (compared to 2.1.4):

- fix devpi-ldap issue17: the push command directly used the username
  instead of using a general permission check, that caused groups in
  acl_upload to not be honored. 
- fix issue171: "devpi push" of an existing package fails on non
  volatile index and overwrites on volatile.
- before devpi-server 2.1.5 it was possible to upload multiple
  documentation zip files for the same package version if the filename
  differed in case, this broke export and replication of server state and
  the documentation view.  Now the newest upload will be used and older
  ones ignored.

devpi-client-2.1.0 (compared to 2.0.5):

- fix issue199: "devpi upload" and "devpi test" can now handle packages
  with dashes in their name.
- change: the following fixes change behavior if used in scripts
- fix issue174: ask for confirmation when deleting an index or user.
- fix issue156 and issue199: "devpi push" now uses "pkgname==version"
  like "list" and "test". This also fixes usage with packages containing
  dashes in their name.

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