ANN: rituals 0.2.0 released

Jürgen Hermann jh at
Mon Mar 16 23:28:22 CET 2015

The 2nd release (v0.2.0) of `rituals` hit the Internet pipelines
today, adding a 'release-prep' task and wheel support.

The `rituals` package provides PyInvoke tasks that work for any
project, based on its project metadata, to automate common
developer chores like 'clean', 'build', 'dist', 'test', 'check',
and 'release-prep' (for the moment).

The guiding principle for these tasks is to strictly separate
low-level tasks for building and installing (via from
high-level convenience tasks a developer uses (via
Invoke tasks can use Setuptools ones as building blocks, but
never the other way 'round – this avoids bootstrapping head-
aches during package installations using `pip`.

The easiest way to get a working project based on `rituals` is
the `py-generic-project` cookiecutter template. That way you have
a working project skeleton within minutes that is fully equipped,
with all aspects of bootstrapping, building, testing, quality
checks, continuous integration, documentation, and releasing

Enjoy, Jürgen


Detailed changes:
   * new: added 'release-prep' task
   * new: added --skip-root to 'check', and checking './*.py' too
   * new: 'dist' task automatically creates wheels if possible
   * chg: better handling of 'build --docs'
   * chg: added help for task parameters (closes #4)
   * chg: warn about missing Sphinx docs (when '--docs' is provided)
   * fix: get src package list for 'check' from 'project.packages'
   * fix: use 'which' to look for 'py.test' binary (closes #2)

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