DerbyPy: Louisville Python MeetUp - Functional Programming Introduction - Tuesday March 24 6:30PM

Alex Sisson alex.sisson at
Tue Mar 17 20:53:05 CET 2015

Functional Programming (FP) is becoming a popular alternative to the 
mainstream paradigms of Object-Oriented Programming and Procedural 
Programming. Sometimes referred to as "Value-Oriented Programming," FP 
helps programmers think with more mathematical precision and carries 
many practical benefits to computing, like formal provability, algebraic 
reasoning, stable concurrency, and a host of powerful deductions that 
compilers can leverage for optimization. As a multi-paradigm language, 
Python has received much attention from the FP world. This talk covers 
the basics of the FP design philosophy and demonstrates its use in Python.

* General overview: What is FP?
     * Basic premise
     * Differences from OOP and Procedural
     * Pros/Cons
* Every-day life
     * Declarative style
     * Dependency injection
     * Limiting effects
     * More (TBD)

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