ANN: Leo 5.1-b1 released. Python scripting editor

edreamleo at edreamleo at
Fri Mar 27 20:16:26 CET 2015

Leo 5.1 b1 is now available at:

This release features @clean trees, one of the most important developments in Leo's history.

Leo is a PIM, an IDE and an outliner.
Video tutorials:
Text tutorials:

The highlights of Leo 5.1

@clean nodes create external files without sentinel comments, yet Leo can
update @clean trees from changes made to the corresponding external files,
something long thought impossible. @clean trees preserve clone links and
user attributes (uA's). Reading @clean trees is faster than reading @auto
or @shadow trees.
The Mulder/Ream algorithm updates @clean trees from changes made in the
corresponding external files. This is a completely rewritten and much
simpler version of Bernhard Mulder's original @shadow update algorithm.

Steve Zatz explains why @clean changes everything:

Some more highlights:
* A new web page,, displays .leo files
  in the browser.
* Added command history to Leo's minibuffer.

* A new IdleTime class greatly simplifies idle-time handling.

* Leo now honors @language inside @doc parts

* @data nodes can be composed of their descendant nodes.

* @int qt-cursor-width = 5 is great for geriatric eyes.

* @shadow is now deprecated. @clean is superior to @shadow in all respects.
Leo will support all flavors of @auto indefinitely.


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