pytest 2.8.2 released

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I'm happy to announce pytest 2.8.2 has been released.

In case you wonder, pytest is a widely used mature test runner both
for unit and functional test purposes in python.  See for documentation and examples.

Among other things, this release fixes a regression introduced in
2.8.1 when using parametrize with encoded byte strings:

- fix #1085: proper handling of encoding errors when passing encoded byte
  strings to pytest.parametrize in Python 2.
  Thanks Themanwithoutaplan for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- fix #1087: handling SystemError when passing empty byte strings to
  pytest.parametrize in Python 3.
  Thanks Paul Kehrer for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- fix #995: fixed internal error when filtering tracebacks where one entry
  was generated by an exec() statement.
  Thanks Daniel Hahler, Ashley C Straw, Philippe Gauthier and Pavel Savchenko
  for contributing and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release, among them:

    Bruno Oliveira
    Demian Brecht
    Florian Bruhin
    Ionel Cristian Mărieș
    Raphael Pierzina
    Ronny Pfannschmidt
    holger krekel

There are still some regressions open from 2.8, among them an issue
when using objects with a custom __getattr__ with Python 2.6:

Fixes for those issues are in progress, and there hopefully will be a
2.8.3 release soon.

Thanks for flying pytest and sorry for the turbulences! ;)


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