ANN: pandas-datareader v0.2.0 released

David Stephens david at
Sat Oct 10 03:10:10 CEST 2015


I'm happy to announce v0.2.0 of pandas-datareader.

This is a major release from v0.1.1 and includes new features and a number
of bug fixes.

*What is it:*

*pandas-datareader* is a Python package that provides remote data access to
financial data.

*pandas-datareader* replaces and in pandas
versions v0.17.0+.

*How to get it:*

Install via pip (conda install coming soon)
pip install pandas-datareader

*How to use it:*

from import data, wb # becomes
from pandas_datareader import data, wb

More information available in the documentation here

*Release highlights include:*
*New features*

   - Added latitude and longitude to output of wb.get_countries #47
   - Extended DataReader to fetch dividends and stock splits from Yahoo #45
   - Added get_available_datasets to famafrench #56
   - DataReader now supports OECD data sources #101

*Backwards incompatible API changes*

   - Fama French indexes are now pandas.PeriodIndex for annual and monthly
   data, and pandas.DatetimeIndex otherwise #56

*Bug Fixes*

   - Update Fama-French URL #53
   - Fixed bug where get_quote_yahoo would fail if a company name had a
   comma #85 <>


Please report any issues on our issue tracker
Thanks to all who made this release happen.


*Thanks to all of the contributors:*

   - 0x0L
   - bashtage
   - brotchie
   - briancappello
   - davidastephens
   - evanpw
   - femtotrader
   - hayd
   - jorisvandenbossche
   - jreback
   - Kevin Sheppard
   - sinhrks
   - stared
   - terrytangyuan

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