ANN: python-ldap 2.4.21

Michael Ströder michael at
Fri Sep 25 18:29:25 CEST 2015

Find a new release of python-ldap:

python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP directory
servers from Python programs. It mainly wraps the OpenLDAP 2.x libs for
that purpose. Additionally it contains modules for other LDAP-related
stuff (e.g. processing LDIF, LDAP URLs and LDAPv3 schema).

Project's web site:


$ md5sum python-ldap-2.4.21.tar.gz
$ sha1sum python-ldap-2.4.21.tar.gz
$ sha256sum python-ldap-2.4.21.tar.gz

Ciao, Michael.

Released 2.4.21 2015-09-25

Changes since 2.4.20:

* LDAPObject.read_s() now returns None instead of raising
  ldap.NO_SUCH_OBJECT in case the search operation returned emtpy result.
* ldap.resiter.ResultProcessor.allresults() now takes new key-word
  argument add_ctrls which is internally passed to LDAPObject.result4()
  and lets the method also return response control along with the search
* Added ldap.controls.deref implementing support for dereference control

* Unit tests for module ldif (thanks to Petr Viktorin)

Michael Ströder
E-Mail: michael at

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